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This web site is dedicated to my Family that fault in Civil War with 23rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment,                 7th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, 18th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, and the 37th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, there are many other North Carolina Regiment's I had family members in. And also Texas Regiment,  Virginia Regiments, and Tennessee Regiments. I hope you enjoy this web site in God Bless all of you.



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Honor Roll Same as Confederate Medal of Honor
The Southern Cross of Honor is the name of two separate and distinct military honors presented to Confederate military personnel and veterans. The original wartime medal, aka Confederate Medal of Honor, was a military decoration meant to honor officers, noncommissioned officers, and privates for their valor in the armed forces of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. It was formally approved by the Congress of the Confederate States on October 13, 1862,[1] and was originally intended to be on par with the Union Army's Medal of Honor.

During the war, however, there were shortages of metals, and many medals were not minted or awarded. The names of these soldiers were, however, recorded in an Honor Roll and preserved in the Adjutant Inspector General's records.

The postwar version of the medal, which is a separate award than the original wartime medal, came into being following a reunion in 1898. The idea of bestowing the Southern Cross of Honor to Confederate veterans of the American Civil War was conceived in Atlanta in July 1898 by Mrs. Alexander S. (Mary Ann Lamar Cobb) Erwin of Athens, GA, at a reunion of Confederate veterans. Mrs. Erwin and Mrs. Sarah E. Gabbett of Atlanta are credited with the design of the medal. The medal was at this point authorized by the UDC to be awarded to any Confederate Veteran who had provided "loyal, honorable service to the South and given in recognition of this devotion.

North Carolina Brigade A.P Hill Division
   7th.North Carolina Infantry Regiment*
 18th.North Carolina Infantry Regiment*
 28th.North Carolina Infantry Regiment
 33rd.North Carolina Infantry Regiment
 37th.North Carolina Infantry Regiment*






 North Carolina Brigade D.H.Hill Division
   5th.North Carolina Infantry Regiment
 12th.North Carolina Infantry Regiment
 13th.North Carolina Infantry Regiment
 20th.North Carolina Infantry Regiment
 23rd.North Carolina Infantry Regiment* Regiment***

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